February 2005

london is a spaceship

we all know that london is a giant space ship, but the question i’ve always asked is ‘where does the driver sit’.
then i discovered this. it’s a street called ‘cockpit steps’ and is between Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. Highly suspicious

outside speakers

outside speakers are everywhere.
i’ve realised i’ve been taking a lot of photos of outside speakers and cameras so i’ve set up a dedicated category for them.
i’ll retrofit old articles in due course, or later, whichever i get round to first.

man bressed as a bollard

did you know the queen employees servants who’s job it is to move bollards round her palace ? here is a rare site of one outside of her grounds. he’s got his flourescent red and yellow uniform on.
click to see if you can see him in the big picture:

jum’s a winner

it was the annual awards for the uk internet industry last night. we won an award which was very exciting.
here is Jum modelling the award. does he look better with it or without it ?
DSC07640.JPG DSC07649.JPG
and here’s me looking smart (a rare occasion):


call me a glove snob, but i’ve never got in to taking pictures of socks. not sure why. i see quite a few about, but never felt compelled to photographise them.
but this one is a sparkling beauty. it won me over with its shineyness. how shallow am i ?