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Monthly Archives: February 2005

i pass quite a few laundrettes in every day life. it’s funny how laundrettes and petrol stations are invisible in town unless you really look for them.
one day i’ll do a photo tour of them, but for now, here are some underpants (nearly) in the bin in a laundrette.
who put them there and why ? surely you’d throw them in your own bin if you decided they were too dirty to wash ?

i’m really pleased with this picture. it’s all about colours and angles i think.

click for a desktop sized picture !
and here is Dan’s desktop displaying the bollard (and his remote control):
very sensible that he’s put newspaper down under his laptop.

it was esther’s last day of the half term holidays yesterday so jane and her came to london to do some touristy things (and some girly shopping in paperchase).
here they are in the British Museum doing an adventure pack thing which involved making a fancy hat with velcro. jane wore the hat whilst esther stuck all the stuff on.
DSC07463.jpg DSC07465.jpg
another part involved making a small pot:
DSC07469.jpg DSC07470.jpg

this isn’t quite a mattress (though i’ve put it in the mattress category). it’s actually some pilllows in a park in Athens sent from regular reader Alex (who i assume lives in Greece).
London is currently bidding for the Olympic Games in 2012, so perhaps this is a sign …

jane and the girls went to nottingham earlier this week. as we learnt over christmas, nottingham is the centre for lost gloves and fancy dog signs (like this one).
it was therefore no surprise when they returned with these great dog signs:
binky_dogsign_1.jpg binky_dogsign_2.jpg
and these gloves:
binky_glove_1.jpg binky_glove_2.jpg
and here is kezia in Ikea with a glove:

here is an advert sent for spam and rice, which is apparently quite big in Honolulu. Dan sent it to me and it is a good one (although it’s taken me about a month to share it with you !)

by the way, if you got spammed/virused big time from an email address which is associated with one of my domains then i can only apologise. it was absolutely nothing to do with me and i suspect it was just one of those nasty virus things which uses some random email address to hide its true origin. things like that are SO annoying.
anyway, i’ve now got a nice collection of angry return emails if anyone is interested. it’s interesting how they vary in text and style.

i remember hearing a talk in a church once about a child who kept shouting at his sofa at home, calling it a ‘damn settee’. his mum told him off and asked him what he was doing.
“but we learnt it at church in a song. it went ‘i am the lord of the damn settee'”.
so here is a holy settee:
and here are its beautiful dangly tassels and a daisy:

click to inspect the unexpected beauty

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