February 2005

marketing rethought

so, it didn’t work out with the monkey. people don’t trust them you see. and what’s a monkey got to do with an glasses and contact lenses anyway ?
“don’t worry about last week’s sales, i’ve got a much better plan”
“are you sure ? that monkey thing was rubbish”
“absolutely. trust me. this can’t go wrong”
“ok, what you got for me ?”
“a rabbit dressed up as a rabbit”

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important information

do people know about this blanket prohibition ? the fuel consumption implications are horrendous. not to mention the noise. did i mention the noise ? no ? good.
the noise will be dreadful

wedding anniversary

it’s jane and I’s wedding anniversary and i stuffed up on the card front, so these flowers can be for my lovely wife of 9 years.

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together at last

my heart lept when i saw these two this morning. love is in the air this week with valentines day (and wedding anniversaries).

fairy liquid

what if it really were made of fairies. that would be a bit of scandal wouldn’t it ?

trolley outside some luxury dwellings

the concierge of these luxuries housings came out and asked me why i’d taken this photo as i think he was a bit worried !
i explained i was taking pictures of trolleys for the website and it often appeared they were journeying on their own round town and generally having a good time.
“i hadn’t thought of that”, he said, “they are a bit like robots”.
and so they are.

cokes on railings

it’s a diet and a regular coke on some church railings.

outdoor plants

this year’s christmas tree experiment was a great success. people were asked to put their christmas trees outside in the street about a week in to January and suddenly london looked like a pine forest.
all the trees are gone now, but i noticed this morning that a variety of plants in pots have appeared along my route to work. some are doing better than others.
DSC07322.jpg DSC07392.jpg

handed extras

when i was but a whipper-snapper i used to think that when people said they were ‘ambidextrous’ they were actually saying they were ‘handed-extras’.
it was quite some time before i realised i was wrong. but my phrase seemed to fit better with the concept of being able to use either hand to equal effect.
anyway, i was intrigued by this mannequin which seemed to have no head, but did have hands.
the mannequin next to it may have hands, but we can’t be sure as he had adopted a slightly more formal pose. or perhaps the one with dangly hands has tied the other ones hands behind his back as he was too fidgety.
fidgety mannequins would take attention away from the clothes they would wearing. like a newsreader who becomes a news story in their own right, that would spell the end for a mannequin.



poor me

i’m feeling quite grim at the moment. esther was off school all last week with a malady and i think it may have finally caught up with me.
this is the most painful part of my body right now:
as a precaution all today’s entries were preloaded yesterday.
so if the world ends tomorrow morning and i don’t comment on it, that’s why.

alien reflections

it was a really reflecty day yesterday with patches of sunshine through fluffy brown rain clouds.
as a result there were a number of strange phenominum, such as this alien face:
there were some great reflections on the building next door too:
click left photo for big
it was all coming from this rather attractive building:

click photo for big
but i liked the alien best: