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handed extras

when i was but a whipper-snapper i used to think that when people said they were ‘ambidextrous’ they were actually saying they were ‘handed-extras’.
it was quite some time before i realised i was wrong. but my phrase seemed to fit better with the concept of being able to use either hand to equal effect.
anyway, i was intrigued by this mannequin which seemed to have no head, but did have hands.
the mannequin next to it may have hands, but we can’t be sure as he had adopted a slightly more formal pose. or perhaps the one with dangly hands has tied the other ones hands behind his back as he was too fidgety.
fidgety mannequins would take attention away from the clothes they would wearing. like a newsreader who becomes a news story in their own right, that would spell the end for a mannequin.


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