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not to be moved

here is a mysterious thing in paddington station. it raises more questions than it solves i’m afraid.
why can’t it be moved ? how did they get it there in the first place (they must have written the words on when it was in place). is it a reminder to the ticket inspectors not to listen to people’s sob stories about losing their tickets ? is it for when there is a train strike and is used to accompany the song “we shall not be moved”
and most importantly. if it’s not to be moved, why has it got a handle on the top.

3 thoughts on “not to be moved”

  1. There is something missing. This device normally has an arrow on axle in the centre and when doing highly dangerous power installations, the engineer spins it to make decisions. For example: Shal I plug in the Blue or the pretty Yellow and Green cable here or somewhere else. Answer “NOT” – give up and have a coffee break. “TO” – it means slot “two” but it’s a spelling mmistake (natch). “BE” means bi-nomial earthing apparatus subet ER54a. “MOVED” means by the time you have spun the arrow the whole apparatus has been moved by your colleague.

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