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more light entertainment

my local council are brilliant at mending street lights.
And not only that, but they send people round randomly to check lights even when they are working fine !
here is a man doing that very thing:

Often they’ll come round the next day to mend them if you report them. Apparently their sub-contractors are required to come round within 5 days once notified.
the people who work in the back offices are really helpful too. i emailed a bloke in the council asking how our street lights switch on as esther had asked me and i had a few hunches but no knowledge.
i got this reply back:
Thank you for your recent enquiry about the switching arrangements for
streetlighting, and this is a question I have been asked before !
All the streetlights maintained by this Authority are either fitted with a
light sensor or are powered from another streetlight that has one.
When light levels fall to a set level, the streetlights are switched on. If
it gets dark enough during a storm they may come on during the day.
The object on top of your streetlight should be one of these sensors, (known
as a photo electric cell).
I hope this information helps.

so there we have it. an informative, yet probably completely boring (unless you love street lamps in which case you probably knew this already) way.