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another strange beast
just a few months ago we had a hedgehog under our bed and then we had beasts in our loft (turned out to be nesting birds whizzing around in our loft).
our latest strange beast is this which we found in our house. to begin with we weren’t sure whether it was dead or alive, so we got kezia to poke it gently with a small stick. it didn’t move, then we noticed its legs was falling off and it was a bit crusty.
any ideas what it is ?


1 thought on “another strange beast”

  1. Well, it is a dessicated frog of course. My cats think they are very clever for catching them and then leaving about the house for me to find, so I am always finding little dried out frogs under furniture. Did you know they squeal like mice? On occasion I catch a cat in the act of torturing the poor little frogs, and they squeal like mad. Naturally, I rescue them if they are still alive.

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