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dam and (we had a) blast

this is a giant kuri tree.  they are protected in New Zealand.  and a quite marvellous



right, i’m back in something resembling real time !  here are actual pictures from actual real new zealand where we actually really live.  in like a permanent way


it’s quite an exciting place to be.  with bits wobbling and dropping off all over the place


anyway, yesterday was a bank holiday so we went with our excellent friends buzz and wendy and (some of) their kids to a dam to see where our drinking water is kept before it pops out our taps


here it is before it’s in our glass/toilet/shower/dinner (sometimes more than one)


and here’s a view from the top of the dam


and here’s the damn wall itself.  so there you go.  a lovely (dam?) nice day out.  even if the walk back up to the car was a bit of a strain for all involved