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icecream van

another afternoon working from home. not sure if I’d want to work from home all the time. got lots done today because the house is empty, but it does mean you go a bit mad.
the silence was broken by an ice-cream van driving by. It was playing a souped up version of Popeye The Sailor Man and looked very modern. I was too slow with my recording device to catch the tune for you.
I once heard of a girl who’s parents told her that when an Ice Cream van played its tune it meant that it had run out of lollies and ice creams.
a fantastic parent lie. i think it’s a fair response.

they bring their lollies to your front door and taunt your kids. it’s all about destabilising the parent / kid relationship.
“can I have a lolly mum”
“no, we’re not going to the shops to buy a lolly”
“that’s ok as there is a man in the front garden with a van full of them”
“d’oh, here’s £1, get yourself a 99”
“thanks, i do love you mummy”
“and I love you too my precious offspring”
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