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Monthly Archives: December 2004

hehe. i won for the 4th day running. the fact that jane and kezia didn’t get any sleep last night because of my hat rustling during the night was totally worth it.
kevin looks very depressed doesn’t he !
esther wrote me a letter to congratulate me on my win.
DSC05934.jpg DSC05936.jpg

here’s a photo i’ve been saving since july. it’s my christmas gift to you dear reader.
this couple very kindly let me take their photo in a scottish shopping centre. i suspect they might get asked this a lot as they instantly struck up this catalogue model pose.
they belong to the Clan Colquhoun (i wrote this down so i wouldn’t forget) and were totally lovely people !
they made me smile and i hope they do the same to you on this jolliest of days.

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