December 2004

word 16 – errand: no whole birds

my brother in law and i went to do some last minute shopping on christmas eve for our wives (we’ve one each). we were sent to buy skewers.
if we were after a turkey, it would have been too late …



word 11 – vacation

you may remember a two and half months back i gave up chocolate bars. well it’s all been going very well and i’m very pleased with myself.
to celebrate the fact i’m now on holiday for nearly two weeks i decided i will allow myself chocolate over the Xmas period.
so, how would i break myself back in to chocolate ? i couldn’t go straight back to my king sized mars bars. this seemed like a nice compromise. and so it was.


the one on the right turned out to be esther’s so i had to go back out in to the street and retrieve it (luckily it wasn’t too far from our house)
DSC05750.jpg DSC05752.jpg

gloves and shoes from nottingham

here are the latest consignment on glove photos from brother (in law) kev.
here is a small shoe:
Oscar and Harvey to Christmas 016.jpg
and here is his nephew with a glove:
Oscar and Harvey to Christmas 018.jpg
and here are some other gloves taken with his camera phone:
kev_Picture (6).jpg kev_Picture (7).jpg kev_Picture (8).jpg kev_Picture (9).jpg kev_Picture (10).jpg