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Monthly Archives: December 2004

competition in hardware shops has increased significantly recently. they used to be able to attract customers to their shops by hanging ladders outside their front doors and putting hammers and screwdrivers in their windows.
but i’ve noticed another trend. specialist shops concentrating on the fundamentals of Do It Yourself and home improvement. shops which specialise in selling nails.
of course this fledgling industry is still searching for its identity. which is why these two nail shops have approached their window display in different ways.
neon or 80s fashion ? you decide which hardware shop to shop at.
DSC05172.jpg DSC05176.jpg
i guess this is no different from Staples which too specialises in one of the smallest, inconsequential stationary elements. they don’t even sell staplers apparently.

it’s the first of december today which of course means it’s only about a week until christmas (though it always seems much longer).
last night we had a band practice for the christmas services at church. everyone was in good spirits, primarily because Ian had raised the floor 5 centimetres. It took him 8 hours to raise it 5 cms, so it’s just as well it didn’t need to go any higher.
anyroadupdown, here is alan playing my bass and linda with a flute plunged through her heart
DSC05184.jpg DSC05185.jpg
it was also the first outing for jane’s new guitar:
of course, being christmas, there’s quite a few twinkly carols which don’t need musical accompaniament. such as this one which sounds nices because i wasn’t playing (or singing) in it !
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