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Monthly Archives: December 2004

we had a practice with our young people’s band in church today for the christmas services. when we arranged it we didn’t realise this morning was also a day for people to do gardening in the church yard.
so whilst we practiced and made loud noises, various friends would pop their heads up at the window and stare in.
here is one such person. our old friend ‘big eye tony’. he looks like he’s about to sneeze on this picture. perhaps this was his special window-cleaning technique ?
DSC05263.jpg DSC05264.jpg

when i come back from work the girls often hide and i have to try and find them. if it’s dinner time they are usually under the table.
but if it’s bed time then they could be anywhere. esther hid brilliant this evening and i failed to find her.
can you see where she is (i’ve helped by narrowing the whole house down to this small area)

i’ve been thinking about ‘family’ today in anticipation of this post and it occured to me that i have various different families:
1) my nuclear family
2) my extended family (up and down the family tree)
3) our immediate church family
4) christians anywhere in the world
5) the blogging family (where you probably know me better than i know you but we’re still a kind of family).
i was going to take a picture of our vicar this evening (as he and his wife invited us round for a lovely meal), but i forgot, so here are esther and kezia playing piano this morning instead.


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