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Monthly Archives: December 2004

here is a waiter man in a bar.
we challenged him to a three way game of paper, scissors, stone. Although we didn’t realise at the time.
his prize for winning was letting him use my camera to take this photo of my work colleagues. note the appearance of long lost sara (once known as lady with cakes):

this is not a chocolate cookie. it’s a very nice wheat and raisin one. but i wanted a chocolate one so i sent it back.
but then the electricity went off which resulted in: no music, no money (as it was trapped in the electronic tills), no water in the toilet (???) and no ability to cook me a proper cookie.
oh well.

it’s always very difficult for posh people to know where to park their cars.
in theory, even today, the very wealthy are legally entitled to park their cars wherever they like. but of course this aggrevates the working classes who end up with nowhere to park their horse and carts.
Sometimes people have become so annoyed they have literally spoken to each other about it.
Obviously something had to be done. which is why some parking spaces have been reserved for specific types of vehicle. like this BMW.
Unfortunately the sign seems to have been written by someone of a lesser education, with the result that the M is missing.

i was thinking the other day that whilst in London you rarely see the word London.
except i was wrong. and i shall prove it to you.
here is my first picture. it’s the word London on a post-it stuck on a pavement. probably just in case someone lost the town.

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