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Monthly Archives: December 2004

poor man’s jenga was played at length on our recent holiday to the isle of wight.
kezia is particularly daring when she lunges for her piece. but she knows this and enjoys the danger !
To celebrate the successful removal of each piece she gave it a quick kiss. We thought it so funny we’ve incorporated it in to our house rules for future games

i’m staying in a right posh hotel in brussels whilst i’m at a conference. the whole idea of the place is to sell you more things whilst simultaneously providing every reason not to leave the hotel.
here are my very own slippers, dressing gown, iron and ironing board.
it’s also full of fantastic little things like this door chain thing which i spent ages whizzing back and forward.
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i asked at reception if there were any good restaurant nearby the hotel i’m staying in. the receptionist said what sort, and i said “i dunno, mcdonalds or something”.
she looked me in the eyes and said accusingly “are you american ?”.
anyway, i ended up going to a nice restaurant as you can see from the food i got.
it seems it’s the custom in Belgian for late comers to restaurants to say hello to people who are already in the restaurant eating.
but it seems it’s NOT the custom to shout goodbye to people as they leave from your table.
look at this fantastic biscuit box and the lovely profitable-tolls.
DSC05289.jpg DSC05290.jpg

i’m in brussels for the next couple of days and i had an absolutely disaster of a journey. All went well until we got to Lille when they decided to terminate the train due to someone being splatted on the tracks ahead of us.
In the UK they would have called this a ‘fatality’. But, since we were in france, they called it a ‘suidide’.
anyway, they chucked us out and told us to go to a different train station, but didn’t tell us where it was. so hundreds of people were walking all over Lille looking very lost with big suitcases.
things went downhill from there, but i won’t bore you on how i had to sit on a train floor for an hour and a half on a squashy train.
but at least i got to see some new and interesting train stations en route.
DSC05280.jpg DSC05283.jpg

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