September 2005

musical office

have i shown you this before ? it’s my musical clonking thing which i keep on my visitor desk in my office.
you hit them with the little leather hammer (on the left) and they make a great mountain goat noise.
every desk should have them. you can use them to transfer your own stress levels to your colleagues. by giving them a good clonk i feel better and they feel worse.
and if i clonk the clonking things instead of my colleagues it’s even better. boom tish (or should that be clonk clonk)

hanging gardens

queen anne street in london is one of my most eventful streets. there’s always something to take a photo of. i’ve taken a picture of all the drain covers, i’ve seen hugh grant (but he declined to let me take a photo) and i’ve spotted most of my street flowers.
in fact it was only recently i realised that all the flowers on the floor had been coming from these hanging baskets (how stupid am i)!
the hanging baskets are now getting out of control thanks to the rainy summer and they are growing downwards at quite a terrific rate. they are so big and dangly that you can’t really walk round them and you have to bend right down to go under them (even for me). is this to be london’s first rain forest with its own microclimate ?
here’s a really bad picture of me in the flowers attempting to prove how low they are hanging (but failing). the photo was in to the sun and i was rushing for my train and i forgot to smile etc etc
wow. so many words in one entry. this is like a real blog !


look at this luxurious situation. it’s a man of the street lying in a brown velvet blanket and a nice new mattress.
a little later i noticed some more mattresses down a side street so i went to investigate
as a result of this minor diversion i ended up walking a different route to work and spotted this stained mattress some time later

kim ruined it

fantastic giant writting in the sand. i walked along it slowly working out what each letter was. it eventually said “kim ruined it”. which is nice.

as from now on

my colleague harry came rushing in to my office yesterday lunchtime saying he’d spotted these excellent signs. i followed his instructions and found them. they are indeed magnificent.
‘as from now on’ is a bit wordy though isn’t it ?

nora batty

jane spotted the lady that plays Nora Batty in Last of the Summer Wine walking by when we were in Bournemouth. She, and her male companion stopped near where we were walking to look at the view.
i approached and asked nicely if i could take a photo and the bloke’s first answer was “well, how much are you going to pay me”. i was taken a back and said “er nothing, sorry” so he said “who do you want to take a photo of” and i said “i don’t mind, both of you together perhaps” and he said “well, what are you going to do with it” and i said “put it on my website” and before i could explain any more he said “well, in that case, absolutely not”.
he wasn’t very friendly really, but i suppose they must get hassled lots when they are out and about. i had my big camera so i probably looked like a paparatzeeee. i’ve no idea if he was famous in his own right. he looked a bit like paul daniels (but he wasn’t).
so instead, here’s a picture of a person we saw by the beach made of sticks, pebbles and a plastic cup.



we sat and watched people grabbing plastic cups of water from the drinks station. open cups of water for runners is a bad idea and there was much fun to be had watching water and cups going flying as the runners failed to grab them properly.
esther spotted the noise that the runners made as they ran over all the discarded cups. it was quite fantastic.

windsor half marathon

we went for a family cycle ride in Windsor Park yesterday. we didn’t realise but it was also the windsor half marathon so we planned and timed our journey so we could watch the runners as we had our picnic. in reverse order:
here are the main body of runnings coming up the hill (about a mile in to the run)
here are the front runners
and here was the start an hour and a half earlier.