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hanging gardens

queen anne street in london is one of my most eventful streets. there’s always something to take a photo of. i’ve taken a picture of all the drain covers, i’ve seen hugh grant (but he declined to let me take a photo) and i’ve spotted most of my street flowers.
in fact it was only recently i realised that all the flowers on the floor had been coming from these hanging baskets (how stupid am i)!
the hanging baskets are now getting out of control thanks to the rainy summer and they are growing downwards at quite a terrific rate. they are so big and dangly that you can’t really walk round them and you have to bend right down to go under them (even for me). is this to be london’s first rain forest with its own microclimate ?
here’s a really bad picture of me in the flowers attempting to prove how low they are hanging (but failing). the photo was in to the sun and i was rushing for my train and i forgot to smile etc etc
wow. so many words in one entry. this is like a real blog !