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Monthly Archives: September 2005

we had a family trip to bournemouth yesterday. it’s my favourite time of year to go beaching. not too warm (jumper weather) and as a result not very busy
i fiddled with this photo to try and get the contrast right but it went a bit retro, so i thought i’d turn it in to a wonky old postcard instead.
it’s a classic british scene – old lady in a big bikini adamant she’s going to lay in the sun, even though it was too cold. husband, reading the paper, shielded by the windbreak, a parasol and his hat. neither of them said anything to each other (except when he helped her get changed on the beach by holding a teeny weeny towel over her – jane and i turned our chairs to face the opposite direction at that bit!)

today i’ll have gone three weeks without eating a chocolate bar ! that’s quite amazing for me.
yesterday we ate at Harry Ramsden’s fish bar in Bournemouth. i had battered fish and this giant chocolate pudding with chocolate ice-cream. i’m intolerant to eggs so it wasn’t a great idea and i felt really ill all the way home.
but it’s not a chocolate bar as such, so according to my own rules (which i made up) my diet is still working.
i had to get an early train to work last thursday as there was lots to do before 9am (and then lots to do after 9am). i got to my desk by 7am, but that meant leaving home at 5.15am.
i love earliy mornings although there’s sadly no sun at this time of day most of the year which is usually rubbish for photos. but on this morning there was a real pea-souper of a fog on. unfortunately it had mostly gone by the time i got to london. so here’s a picture of a train station instead

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