September 2005

turkish bin men

here are some turkish bin lorries (sent by john)

little and large

will we ever tire of viennese dog signs ? i know i won’t.

greetings from bournemouth

we had a family trip to bournemouth yesterday. it’s my favourite time of year to go beaching. not too warm (jumper weather) and as a result not very busy
i fiddled with this photo to try and get the contrast right but it went a bit retro, so i thought i’d turn it in to a wonky old postcard instead.
it’s a classic british scene – old lady in a big bikini adamant she’s going to lay in the sun, even though it was too cold. husband, reading the paper, shielded by the windbreak, a parasol and his hat. neither of them said anything to each other (except when he helped her get changed on the beach by holding a teeny weeny towel over her – jane and i turned our chairs to face the opposite direction at that bit!)

my wife still surprises me

esther spent most of the time on the beach the wrong way up as she practiced hand stands and cartwheels.
after a while jane got up and showed she could do it too ! i had no idea. here’s a hand stand:
and here’s an eternal cartwheel:

hassock of the week

from brother edd. is this chap threatening the snakes with a rolling pin ?

what are the chances of that ?

you go to the beach and sit down on a wall only to find the three people sitting next to you are wearing exactly the same skirt and tops (and even shoes). unbelievable.

chocolate cake

today i’ll have gone three weeks without eating a chocolate bar ! that’s quite amazing for me.
yesterday we ate at Harry Ramsden’s fish bar in Bournemouth. i had battered fish and this giant chocolate pudding with chocolate ice-cream. i’m intolerant to eggs so it wasn’t a great idea and i felt really ill all the way home.
but it’s not a chocolate bar as such, so according to my own rules (which i made up) my diet is still working.

bucket and spade

yesterday i said i trusted the man with a beard more than a mad dressed up as a clown. but now i’d seen the colonel on the beach i’m not so sure. it’s all a little too eery for my liking.


i’ve got a lot of mattress pictures for you in the next week (something to look forward to there then)

an early start
i had to get an early train to work last thursday as there was lots to do before 9am (and then lots to do after 9am). i got to my desk by 7am, but that meant leaving home at 5.15am.
i love earliy mornings although there’s sadly no sun at this time of day most of the year which is usually rubbish for photos. but on this morning there was a real pea-souper of a fog on. unfortunately it had mostly gone by the time i got to london. so here’s a picture of a train station instead


lock up your bikes

all we ever see is ‘no bike’ signs. so here’s one which tells you to lock up your bike. oh the difficulties of modern life.

hyper cola

the chap on this drink carton has gone completely bonkers. look at all the stuff flying round his head. too much caffeine and sugar i say.
unlike this very sensible chap

not to scale

here is a temporary beach on the side of a viennese canal. all looks fine, except when you notice the size of those apples. that end deck chair wouldn’t suit anyone who had a fear of fruit !

no dog ends

i don’t normally post the same dog twice, but this chap is standing next to a cigarette thus allowing me to make a pun around the concept of ‘dog ends’. here’s the original version of this chap
and here’s another varient:

no bikes

a whole selection of no bike signs