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big ben in a light


2 thoughts on “big ben in a light”

  1. Now I have a mental image of FP climbing up a totally unsupported ladder (such as I have seen entertainers do around Covent Garden), and then adjusting it to get the picture alignment just right. Slowly a crowd develops, then the police arrive, and poor old FP has some hard explaining to do. (Or have I just got a vivid imagination?)

  2. that was mostly as it happened. well, not quite.
    i haven’t got a ladder, but i had thought of getting a little one like the paparatzis have.
    on this occasion i was dangling over a wall trying to get the right angle whilst trying not to arouse suspicion of two police offices who were below the wall between me and the lampost.
    it’s times like that i should be wearing my foulescent jacket.

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