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Monthly Archives: January 2005

here’s a button you can press next to Buckingham Palace.
tourists can press the button and all the lights in the palace turn on, a twinkly tune is played and the queen and all her family pop out of the upstairs windows like a cookoo clock. perhaps.

click to enjoy an enlargment opportunity

here’s an intriguing sign which has many possibly meanings.
* was it written in the 60s when ‘cat’ was a funky word you appended to any sentence to be cool ? the ‘old’ referred respectfully to the fact that only rich people could afford cars ?
* are there lots of old cats hobbling around with little catty zimmer frames just round the corner ?
* or is it for cat drivers driving their catty cars ? cats are notoriously fast and unsafe drivers. this is a purr-fect sign for chauf-furs (chauffeurs).

i’m not sure what you think about such things (i’m not sure what i think about such things either), but anyway, you might have noticed that the 2005 bloggies have been launched:
You have until 10th January 2005 to get your nominations in (hint hint).
I’ve not got a clue which categories Funkypancake would fit, but i guess photography, british blog and humorous ? Dunno. Up to you. but only nominate if you think Funkypancake is worth voting for !

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