back to work

one of the annoying things about being a bloke is that we have to shave everyday. i find this a waste of time, especially in the morning when i’m rushing to get out of the house (i have the same attitude to food in the morning).
however, one of the good things about having 12 straight days off work has been the opportunity to grow some kind of a beard.
whilst i’m happy to exploit the ‘tramp chic’ style i’ve cultivated it’s been suggested that it’s probably a style more appropriate for vacation (and street living) than the world of office employment.
so, my last non-work activity of the holiday was the lopping of the beard (and shaving of the head). jane (my wife and head trimmer) did the honours up top whilst i removed the growth around my mandibles (do ladies have womandibles ?).
here is the before:
and here is the after:
small beard.jpg
i’ve adopted my usual happy photo pose which i know you all enjoy.