i’ve not been looking forward to my morning commutes, especially since the timetable change (which has resulted in much more crowding and a much more unpleasant journey).
however, this morning i got a seat and saw this excellent sunrise. it hasn’t been light by the time i’ve got to London for weeks, so this is a sure sign that summer is on the way !


6 thoughts on “sunrise”

  1. I too saw that incredible sunrise from the train, truly wonderful! Yet it was sad to see that only about one person in twenty on the train even seemed to notice it, so engrossed were they in either reading the financial pages, or sleeping. Perhaps if we looked on the daily commute as a Heaven-sent opportunity to see some of the wonders of nature it could almost become enjoyable!

  2. you should have shouted “oi, wake up everyone, look out the window at the beautiful sun rise”.
    still, they can have another chance to see it if they come and have a look at this picture !

  3. I noticed this on the train yesterday morning – there’s a great view across Hampstead just before the Chiltern line dives into tunnel for the approach into Marylebone.
    Definitely the most relaxing part of yesterday…

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