the world of digital cameras with little displays has resulted in a significant reduction in the amount of photos of people with their heads missing.
i think it’s time we take deliberate action and start chopping heads off again. here’s my first attempt. i was quite pleased.
one really easy way of taking more heads-chopped off photos is to always use this technique when tourists ask you to take their photos outside a famous london landmark.
of course i wouldn’t be able to bring myself to do that in practice but i like the idea. in fact, someone asked me to take a picture of them in St James’ park last week. he handed me his antique plastic camera and asked me to take his photo.
what i should have said is “sorry mate, i only do digital” – but of course i didn’t.
perhaps a better way would be to carry little signs with the funkypancake URL on and get tourists to hold it if they ask me to take a photo. now there’s a marketing idea …
perhaps i could use that to get people to sponsor me (hint hint)

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