December 2007

bizarre periscope


esther got this periscope from a christmas cracker – bizarrely it looks like you can see her eye down the stick though which is quite eery.

wearing christmas presents


as you know, it’s obligatory to wear christmas presents which are capable of being worn on the day you receive them.  i got this brilliant photographers access-all areas tabard (just put it on and no one asks you any questions – ideal for invisible photography work in busy places)


my mum got the girls lovely dresses which they were happy to show off


and kezia’s new dressing grown made her look like santa doing a repeat visit to the tree

modern grandma


my mum loved listening to esther playing christmas carols on her (esther’s) violin.


so much so that she phoned her parents (my grandma/pa and esther’s great grandma/pa) and put them on speaker phone so they could hear. esther’s first live performance ‘down the wire’.


boxing day geocaching


muddy trip to a couple of geocaching.  my mum came along for her first geocaching outing and slipped over in the mud.  ooops.


kezia and the squirty cream


there’s few things more terrifying that a 5 year old with a loaded can of squirty cream.



tired adults, lively children


the fantastic cake


jane’s dad caused laughing mayhem by saying the christmas cake had icing and christmas ‘knickerations’.  he probably didn’t actually say that, but jane repeated it and tears of laughter ensured.


when we finally saw it, we were very impressed by the kickerations, although there was some tree subsidance


kezia reset them like some cosmic anti-lumberjack


it did look (and taste very good)


so that’s the story of the christmas cake and knickerations.

jane’s fantastic christmas dinner


a pile of tasty traditions


kezia and esther were first to the table


my plate (not featuring parsnips (or the other sort of stuffing which i forgot to add)

happy christmas !!!


a day that warrants three exclamation marks in the title !


and seeing as everyone else on the planet has done this, so have we  we’ve deliberately used dreadful photos of ourselves just in case you are worried !

jesus in a bin bag

poignant thoughts for christmas day.  it’s a jesus statue in an old bin bag.  no room at the inn.


treat vouchers – the perfect last minute christmas present ?


UPDATE: pdf download here

We’ve made some ‘treat vouchers’ for our girls for christmas, and it struck me these are a brilliant last minute or additional christmas present for a friend or family member.  Best of all, they are individual and needn’t cost you any real money if you don’t want !

essentially you print off the voucher, cut them out and staple to produce a cheque book of lovely treats, such as:

  • A trip to the fun park
  • A day out with just mummy or daddy (your choice)
  • A free room tidy
  • Stay up 30 minutes late
  • Use mummy’s nail varnish
  • Trip to feed the ducks
  • Free bag of sweets from the supermarket
  • Cook dinner for a week

If you want to download my template, i’ve put it in my flickr account here .  it’s a 2MB download, which you can get to via the ‘all sizes’ then ‘original’ above the image here

There are 5 on a sheet – we’ve made cheque books of 10 vouchers, so that’s 2 pages (for those who are mathematically challenged)

Let me know how you get on and the kinds of things you put on the treat vouchers.

UPDATE: just to let you know, jane says it was her bestest friend julie who gave her the idea of the vouchers, so credit to her excellent self is due.  And the vouchers themselves went down a treat and esther says they are amongst her best present !  huzzah.

lots of church


there’s been lots of church services recently.  that happens around christmas.  we’re halfway through the last 4 though, and it’s great to meet together around christmas.  the church looks a bit empty in this picture as all the kids and the kids teachers had left for their groups.

strange belgian nativity

did mary really wear this much make-up ?


pouty shepherd


there were a couple of real sheep wandering around in this life-sized nativity in Belgium’s grande place. generally quite bizarre.