June 2009

30p per visit


it costs 30 pence to spend a penny these days.  but i was impressed by 30p PER VISIT.  what counts as a visit ?  is there a time limit ?  why no season tickets ?  so many questions.

tesco shelves, back to the disaster


it was all looking so good for tesco in the reduced to clear section.  but it’s back to it’s usual dumping ground.  and there’s even a load of carrier bags in there (which is more than can be said for the check out where they seem to be banned)


pedestrians beware of falling debris

-Media Card-BlackBerry-pictures-IMG00103-2.jpg

i love the word debris which i pronounce as debris rather than debris.  thanks to andy for sending this from scotland way i think.

not quite dressed mannequin


this chap looks dapper in his boater yar ?


i think he looks a little concerned, and the little chap over his shoulder in the picture also looks worried


could it be because his trousers are slipping down ?


lots of no


a nice use of a single ‘in this area’ at the bottom there.  although i would think that goes without saying. 

i also note someone stole the no loitering symbol.





a work outing


i went on an excellent bike ride yesterday lunchtime in aid of general fitness and wellbeing.  i’d forgotten it was a bit dangerous to take pictures whilst riding a bike, even if you are wearing a tabard.  so here’s a picture of us stationary at a lock. 

i can confirm it’s much better than writing regulatory documents.  jolly good.