June 2009

family sports day


jane’s sister and family came to stay over the weekend and as has become traditional, we held a sports day.  (the picture above shows the three legged race)


things warmed up with the cheerleaders doing their hoolah hooping


bother-in-law kev spent a while geting in to the zone and wasn’t going to be moved by the pre-match frivolities


before we knew it the egg and spoon race was underway


the oldies showed the youngiest how it was done


it mostly seemed to be about the level of concentration


there were other games involving water, which eventually broke down in to a sponge water fight


bother-in-law (bil) kev threw himself (and his sponge) in to it


but ultimatly the excitement was too much for him


and he ended up with a soggy face (this looks quite impressive big so click for full fun)


people them moved on from sponges and simply started chucking water at each other


here kezia shows her airborn throwing technique whilst thomas recovers from a wetting from esther


as james decided it was time to sit somewhere a little drier.


finally we hung some doughnuts on a washing line which were to be eaten without touching


sarah’s string was longer than the other’s and it was dangling in the middle so she had the hardest challenge.  i like how the blurred background on the picture above makes her look like she’s breathing fire (a bit)


anyway, sarah stayed well in to the night after everyone else had finished trying to eat her doughnut.  which she managed in the end.


so, all in all, big fun had by all

the scream


this puppet didn’t seem happy at all


trolley stunts forbidden


i can get that you might try the first one (although why anyone would attach a TV aerial to a scooter and then sit on their TV i don’t know).

but why would you try and balance one trolley on the shoulder of someone standing on another trolley ?  i see on that second picture the lower trolley driver has lost his window wiper, although his wing mirror still seems ok.

british weather

british weather.jpg

isn’t britain great.  just look at the weather showing on the bbc website the other day.  classic stuff.

hassock of the week


what is this strange thing ?  it’s some kind of fishy eye octopus type affair.

feeling blue


there’s a crying child left behind by every helium balloon that achieves freedom


invisible correction


this place is in acton town i think.  i walked past it on the way from chiswick to ealing broadway last week.  i liked how they had altered the sign so you can’t even see it had been changed.

i hope they used a humungous black marker pen for the job.  it’s a shame they didn’t scrub the small print which says “estalished since 1958”

adaptable organ


that’s what you need if you’re a surgeon.  an organ that can be used for any function.  heart.  liver.  thumb.  all you need.

old time chair-o-planes


you know, chair-o-planes.  like they had in the olden days.  before they even had planes.  they used to fly chairs around the place.  it was simply chairs flying through the sky.  people were so glad when they invented airplanes.  it made the whole flying thing a lot less windy.

rose garden


this rose garden is usually really boring, but we finally managed to go when the roses were out !