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Monthly Archives: June 2009


we went to a donkey derby yesterday which included a fly by of a rare avro lancaster


according to the blurb in the program it was “an underpowered and singularly unsuccessful aircraft”.  classic british design therefore


there’s only two in flying condition in the world, the other being in canada


this one did a couple of nice swoops over the local houses


just look at the state of this chap’s aerial


a great show


here’s the complete set in case you are interested.  and if not, why not ?  don’t answer that.


this hassock was sent in by top regular reader phil.  he explains it thus:

My girlfriend came third in an embroidery competition for
Livery companies, organized by the Broders Livery Company(embroiders), attached
is a picture of the second place entry. I am sure that this has to be ,at least
a candidate for hassock of the week

I think that this is going to be my one opportunity in life to
say that, and as I am never one to miss an opportunity, I had to take it

Thanks Phil !

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