who is tony ?

following the classic who is brother edd ? entry of a few days back, here is a Who Is Tony ? entry.
Tony often leaves comments. He’s not Big Eye Tony. That’s a different one.
This Tony comes round to our house with his family and looks a bit like Bill Gates. tony is a man and is married to his wife and has two girls aged the same as our two. so that’s four things we have in common (note – i am married to my wife not his).
Here he is playing jane’s guitar whilst listening to The Strokes’ debut album. he hadn’t heard their music (or album) before and so what he played did not resemble the music he heard. it was in the right key however.
this tony also plays jenga (actually our poor copy version from a high street store, but some concept)
this tony is also a very good friend. to celebrate this friendship we give each other (the same) ballerina pen holder each birthday/christmas.
so there we have it. a very quick summary of tony.