the amazing hair growing cat soap

here’s a present i got from Brother Edd. It’s an amazing hair-growing cat soap.
you take it out of its packet, leave it on a plate and within 12 hours it starts to grow fur, increasing in thickness over a number of days.
here it was when i opened it last night and after 12 hours:
DSC09222.jpg DSC09228.jpg
i’ll keep you updated as the fur grows. are you interested in where you can buy such an item ? do a google search


3 thoughts on “the amazing hair growing cat soap”

  1. now, can you wash with that soap at any time? do you have to wait for a certain amount of hair before you can wash with it? does it act similarly to a sponge or bath scrubbie once it has grown it’s complete coat? this invention perplexes me.

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