December 2003

christmas day

here’s our christmas:
DSC09159.jpg DSC09165.jpg
DSC09169.jpg DSC09174.jpg
we went to church first thing:
Mr Party plans an explosion and Kevin wears his hat well
DSC09194.jpg DSC09197.jpg
puddings and pie (extinguished) and kezia with fairy wings
DSC09200.jpg DSC09209.jpg
a little wooden train
our family. me with tanktop on left.

a christmas treat

after lunch with friends (the ones who were there, not the ones who weren’t) we went to the Crib service at church. jane was one of the leaders and played a mean guitar.
After that Jane went off to our sister church to do a repeat of service whilst i took the girls to the chip shop ! The chip shop wasn’t open so i did what any father would do and let the kids play in a deep bubbly bath for half an hour until it was open. we went back later with the girls in their pyjamas.
After a chips and chocolate supper, we brought esther’s duvet down and snuggled down to watched Chicken Run on the telly.
yeah for families and christmas !

absent friends

we have some friends who seem to cancel at the last minute everytime we go to visit them. they have some good excuses, but i suspect they simply just don’t like us.
in order to break the cycle of not seeing them, they invited themselves to some other friends’ house so we could all meet up near where we live. unfortunately they cancelled (surprise surprise) but it was ok because we could eat more of the fantastic lunch provided by our host Tanya.
esther and catherine with the shepherds pie and profitable rolls
DSC09136.jpg DSC09142.jpg
DSC09144.jpg DSC09146.jpg
It was also the first opportunity to have some crackers. Tony bought them because they were half price. they were also unwrippable causing much mirth and merriment

advent day 24

day twenty four of the advent calendar picture challenge – it’s another wise man
here is the third and final wise man. it’s Alan who plays the Organ at church. he also works for a university which must make him very wise. and to prove the point he’s wearing a golden crown.

who is brother edd ?

you may be wondering who brother edd is. well he’s my brother and his name is edd. esther calls him brother edd too which is quite funny (in the same way that kezia calling me dave is quite funny).
here is esther and edd both wearing the blue wig. esther looks very shifty. brother edd looks normal.
DSC09123.jpg DSC09124.jpg

christmas shoes

well, i’ve opened my first christmas present and it was a good one. it’s from my grandma and is a pair of my grandfather’s old shoes. he never wore these shoes and one look will reveal why. they are white leather with a green and yellow trim, and a red tongue.
kezia said “look, daddy, christmas shoes” which is a nice concept. i look forward to dazzling people with them over the next few days.

new found photo

a new photo for davescollections. i spent ages picking up the bits in marylebone high street yesterday evening. unfortunately i must have missed a piece !

kezia in her new coat

here is kezia in her new coat, and later with an inflatable santa
DSC09111.jpg DSC09120.jpg


crackers means crazy. all we really want from a cracker is the paper hat.
the bang, joke and toy are usually a dissapointment. i think crackers might be a peculiarly british thing. perhaps people will let me know.
jane sends some to france each year so a french family somewhere can enjoy the fun UK-style. it’s part of the EU’s crackers-for-foreigners campaign.
there is a competitive element to crackers of course. and we can all learn from this study.
here are our christmas crackers in a box. we can only dream of what might be in them. we’ll find out on thursday of course …

advent day 22

day twenty two of the advent calendar picture challenge – it’s a penguin (or maybe a duck)
and here are the pictures of a penguin by our christmas tree. the penguin has a ball bearing under it so it can mooth (a word i invented which is a combination of smooth and move) around in a non-penguin way.
you wouldn’t know to look at it which is why i mention it here.
DSC09103.jpg DSC09108.jpg
DSC09107.jpg DSC09106.jpg
ah – but now i discover the word mooth has already been used before


troubled with spam ? want to complain to the official body responsible for policing spam in the UK ?
if so, then you’ll want to print off this massive form and post it to them.
like how long is that going to take ? good to see they’ve got the hang of this modern technology thing.

drinks machine

there were no cups in the drinks machine this morning so it wouldn’t dispense. a very nice man came along and it turns out there were cups in there, but just not in the right place. these things happen occasionally apparently.
i complimented the man on his machine, because it’s the first drinks machine i’ve found which dispenses drinks of hot water which actually tastes nice. Usually selecting ‘hot water’ is just a pipe cleaning option which ends up tasting like old tea/coffee.
“how so” ? i asked. “here so” he replied and pointed to the dedicated hot water pipe (the white one on the right)

odd job pete’s fancy lab coat

pete has featured widely just recently. the reason, of course, is because he is so blog worthy. he also enjoys seeing himself on the internet (he’s of that generation). hello pete !
i spotted him coming out the equipment room this morning wearing his blue house coat with pen in top pocket and a clip board. you don’t get much better than that.
i’m hoping he’ll get a pair of safety glasses for christmas to set the whole look off

shortest day

yesterday was the shortest day. which is great if you are short. but why do we call it the shortest day ? it’s because the 21st December is traditionally the coldest day of the year and, as we all know – heat expands, cold shrinks. doorways everwhere will have reduced in size favouring the smaller in stature.
here is santa in a moses basket. kezia believes that if you look after santa on the run up to christmas then he’ll look after you on christmas day.


i got an email from Annie of the Going Underground Blog.
If you travel around london (or if you don’t) then you might enjoy her site
here is a Venn Diagram explaining this:
where area A is those that travel around london and area B is those that don’t travel around london.
i might have a new years’ resolution to do more venn diagrams.