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advent day 22

day twenty two of the advent calendar picture challenge – it’s a penguin (or maybe a duck)
and here are the pictures of a penguin by our christmas tree. the penguin has a ball bearing under it so it can mooth (a word i invented which is a combination of smooth and move) around in a non-penguin way.
you wouldn’t know to look at it which is why i mention it here.
DSC09103.jpg DSC09108.jpg
DSC09107.jpg DSC09106.jpg
ah – but now i discover the word mooth has already been used before


8 thoughts on “advent day 22”

  1. well today in my advent calender i got a sack of presents(a chocolate). its funny becoz for the first 6 days of my calender i got sumthing different but then after that the shapes just kept repeating themselves. i don’t think they should do that and also i think they should have chocolates shaped as important things like the star and baby jesus. christmas has seem to have lost its true meaning.

  2. hiya, well i sort of agree with kayleigh abotu the meaning thing i know its important and people should realise the true meaning about christmas however advent calenders are traditonally for children and they wouldnt like that, they would like little animals and different sort of shapes not just of jesus, so in a way i agree with you but in a way i dont.

  3. ok well forget about the calenders. if you asked children what christmas means to them, i bet hardly any would talk about the story of jesus but wold talk about present and even tho christmas is a time for giving, everyone still needs to remember the true christmas story.

  4. i bet u they wudnt because the schools have been very strict over this, this year mnaybe they would include the bit about christmas but they would say abotu jesus, maybe some of them know the true meaning but others just havent found that out yet.

  5. well i hope they do find out becoz if it wasnt for the actual christmas story then there would be no christmas anyway.

  6. I don’t like to be pedantic (well I do actually 🙂 ) but Christmas would still exist (but not called that) if the Incarnation never happened.
    What we celebrate as Christmas today is a mish-mash of Christian / Pagan / Roman / Victorian traditions. Even in Christian households (like mine) things get confused – my daughter was asking in her prayers that God would tell Father Christmas what she wanted!
    I just wish they would move Christmas to a time of year when the shops were less busy.

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