crackers means crazy. all we really want from a cracker is the paper hat.
the bang, joke and toy are usually a dissapointment. i think crackers might be a peculiarly british thing. perhaps people will let me know.
jane sends some to france each year so a french family somewhere can enjoy the fun UK-style. it’s part of the EU’s crackers-for-foreigners campaign.
there is a competitive element to crackers of course. and we can all learn from this study.
here are our christmas crackers in a box. we can only dream of what might be in them. we’ll find out on thursday of course …


5 thoughts on “crackers”

  1. well personally even though the hats are class, i like the toys too. at our church christmas party last week, from my cracker i got a lovely little pink hair bobble and a very entertaining little puzzle, its always the little things that please me lol.

  2. you should’nt think about crackers only the importance of christmas e.g your family and jesus even though its very tradional to have crackers of a meaning of giving and Recieveing. I love the presents in them too.

  3. Christmas crackers were invented by Thomas Smith. He had imported some French novelties to sell as Christmas gifts, but these were not popular until he wrapped them up and added a snapper.

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