advent day 23

day twenty three of the advent calendar picture challenge – it’s a pudding
here is my photo of a christmas pudding. it’s a satsuma. a festive fruit eaten here as a dessert:


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  1. Apparently, the Christmas pudding originated as a porridge in the 14th century. It was made of beef, mutton, raisins, currants, prunes, wine, and mixed spices.
    There’s a quick history lesson for you.
    on this site, it says about how most britans enjoy christmas pudding with brandy, well i cannot think of one person that i know who has brandy with their christmas pudding!
    anyone wanna tell me if they do 🙂

  2. hiya well i have a good recipe for u i just looked it up.
    3 ounces of flour
    5 ounces of bread crumbs
    5 ounces of suet
    1¼ pounds of mixed dried fruit
    1 small orange
    1 small lemon
    1 small cooking apple
    2 eggs
    1 tablespoonful of treacle
    ½ teaspoonful of mixed spice
    ½ teaspoonful of cinnamon
    ½ teaspoonful of nutmeg
    1 small carrot
    6 ounces of sugar (brown or white)
    4 ounces of candid peel
    Pinch of salt
    hope u ave fun makin it!!!

  3. isn’t the idea that you cover it in brandy then set it on fire ?
    so probably you do have brandy without realising it ?
    how did anyone ever think of setting their pudding on fire ?

  4. that looks like a very trustworthy recipe! i might give that a go myself. well actually we’ve never even tried making one, we just buy them from the shops, its a lot easier. i don’t think anyone makes their own these days. shame.

  5. thanks for the recipe hannah.
    i’m working from home today (so i don’t spend 2 hours travelling each way to and from my office) so in theory i could just go and cook that lot up. if i had the ingredients !
    but i think i won’t. i did used to be a commis chef a while back. but i’ve forgotten everything now.

  6. its shame the old society we should take the makin of puddings into some more consideration, i mean maybe what you call, supermarkets should close down and take away the puddings so we all havw to be traditonal and this loving christmas time and make it with obedience and self reassurance. thankyou

  7. here i have found the method to make christmas puddings good luck!
    The Method of Mixture
    Mix flour, bread crumbs, suet, and mixed dried fruit into a large bowl. Add grated orange and lemon rind and juice. Add grated cooking apple. Mix well. Add eggs, treacle, spices and grated carrot. Add sugar, candid peel and salt. Mix well. (Optional ingredient tablespoon of whisky or brandy).
    Allow mixture to stand over night in a covered bowl.
    Place mixture into well greased pudding bowls. Cover with grease proof paper and secure with string.
    Pressure cook according to pressure cooker instructions.
    Allow to mature for approximately one month before final serving.
    The Serving
    Warm through using a saucepan of water on a low heat for two hours approximately, being careful not to let any water enter the pudding or the saucepan to boil dry. DO NOT MICROWAVE.
    The pudding may then be flamed at the table. Pour over the pudding two tablespoons of high proof whisky and set alight.
    Ideally serve with a brandy or whisky sauce.

  8. couldn’t the whole setting the pudding on fire be kinda dangerous!!
    think of the number of things that could go up in flames on christmas.
    christmas puddings, a dangerous fire hazard!!

  9. yeh maybe they should alter the method because this is a danger to us all i mean a christmas pudding can kill us, we should be all beware.
    Christmas shud be about joy not death

  10. i agree. perhaps you should video the christmas meal.
    then, if your house burns down, at least you can claim £100 by sending the tape in to one of those video clip compilation programs ?

  11. christmas is a bit about death. jesus was born so he could die.
    christianity is very much concerned with life and death. the two things go hand in hand.
    but i agree that christmas should be celebration of life and we shouldn’t be risking setting our family, friends and neighbours on fire.

  12. setting fire to the pudding is a tradition in our house. I have always been told that it is to banish evil spirits. The trick is to warm a ladle before putting the brandy in and pouring over the pudding. It burns with a very faint and very blue flame, so turn down the lights for best effect!

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