a christmas treat

after lunch with friends (the ones who were there, not the ones who weren’t) we went to the Crib service at church. jane was one of the leaders and played a mean guitar.
After that Jane went off to our sister church to do a repeat of service whilst i took the girls to the chip shop ! The chip shop wasn’t open so i did what any father would do and let the kids play in a deep bubbly bath for half an hour until it was open. we went back later with the girls in their pyjamas.
After a chips and chocolate supper, we brought esther’s duvet down and snuggled down to watched Chicken Run on the telly.
yeah for families and christmas !


2 thoughts on “a christmas treat”

  1. hannah! merry christmas!! this is my online pressie to you!! my cousin hannah, is the bestest cousin in the world and i wish you a very very very merry christmas love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. aww kay!! ure the best cuz ever and always know that im loving my bottle of reef right now and i luv ya loads just the same as the bottle lol nah your a bit better den dat!!! luv ya always!!!
    ure the best cuz!!!
    love han xxxxx

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