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Monthly Archives: August 2004

i’ve been a bit tardy keeping up with my email correspondence of late, so belatedly here’s a bollard photo from Annette of Boston. She’s got a page full of bollards with some great pictures.
i particularly liked this one of bollard hero worship (“when i’m bigger i want to smoke”). She’s also got some great ones of the Bollard Guantanamo Bay down the bottom.
i should also mention groc who sent this picture of bollards considering whether to take a dip in the sea at Brighton (i think groc was in the sea taking this photo):
and finally, another regularly reader has been inspired to start their own blog. This one is in halifax (in the north of England where the countryside is beautiful, but it rains even more than london) by Gary.
(as always, i’m not responsible for stuff on other people’s sites so venture at your own peril !)

it’s always nice to see some nature in the middle of london. here is a blue flower sticking through some railings.
this is a ‘Morning Glory’ according to my work colleague Harry. i hadn’t realised they were so temporal. if i had i would have spent longer than 5 seconds taking the photo.
here is a nice little page with a movie about them

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