August 2004

a strange pipe

a yellow pipe in the middle of tottenham court road.

wet jumpers

a soggy street cabinet containing lots of important phone lines and broadband connections. not sure who you’re meant to tell when you see things like this in the street. so i’ll tell you.

virgin mega-noise

i went in to the virgin megastore at lunch to buy a guitar stand, but it was full of urchins listening to thrash metal or something. here are the band as viewed from upstairs.
i wasn’t able to hold my camera very steady due to jiggling urchins. And the guitar section was closed so i couldn’t get the stand.
expect lots of nice shots like this after we go to the Carling Festival on Saturday.


here is steve. we had lunch today and it was very good. so there.

steam powered bus

these new steam powered buses are good fun. here is a view of one from the window of a 1st floor brazilian cafe where the staff were very friendly and the food was excellent and cheap.
here’s a picture of a steam bus going under Tower Bridge


if you love rain then you’ll just love london. come to london and enjoy our rainy rain days, when it simply rains rain. even our british london queen has been enjoying her long reign whilst enjoying the rain.
rain. it’s what londoners love best.

bottoms up

nice arrow work here.

the bollard parade

wheely bins and a parking meter join the bollard parade


voicebox isn’t a word you see much on signs. it’s here on this very intriguing sign though.

pigeons in trafalgar square

there’s still lots of pigeons in trafalgar square. you just need to go at the right time of the day. specifically feeding time.
but you won’t find a ‘don’t feed the pigeon sign’ as these have all been removed. apparently.

twin boxes

i’ve taken a picture of this before, but it looks good, so here is another one.

esther’s slide

jane now has her own camera so can take photos of things when i’m not there. here is a good shot of esther going down a slide.
no children were hurt in the taking of this photo:

paddington station floor

by popular demand, here is a picture of paddington station floor. complete with circling pigeons.
it took 2 and a half hours to get home this evening. not impressed. will be like this all week thanks to train line misery.

john thompson

it’s cold feet / fast show star john thompson. Good to see my celebrity photo capturing skills haven’t been lost over the summer.


“prollabably” (say prolla-bably). use it instead of ‘probably’ today
esther says “ledicious” instead of “delicious” which also works nicely.
have a go and let me know how you get on. i wonder how long until prollabably makes google. find out here
and here for no reason are three old apples on my desk:

I gotta new road

here it is. the new road which was under-preparation last week.
and now i have my own version of The Damned’s punk classic New Rose going round my head with the lyrics nicely amended to “i gotta new road, i got it good”.