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family victory

it’s been a bank holiday today. esther and i did really well at the Swallowfield Show. we both entered stuff in the craft show. here are our award winning entries:
esther got Highly Commended for her butterfly and vegetable chariot:
DSC01270.jpg DSC01271.jpg
i got a second place for ‘transport’ and 1st place for ‘about the home’:
DSC01272.jpg DSC01273.jpg
i also got second place for the song title (as seen here)
but my best was my ’24 hours’ collection which not only won 1st prize in the category, but also won best photo in the show:
This year i only won £6. not quite a lucrative as last year.

5 thoughts on “family victory”

  1. When are the builders coming around to widen your front door?
    I thought the quality of the judging was poor this year – my photos should have done much better! (I’m not bitter).

  2. Congratulations. Although I can’t say much about the “quality of the judging”, I agree your pictures definitely are worth a prize.

  3. Yes, I agree about the judging – some of the winners were bizarre choices (not Dave’s of course – which were well worthy 😉

  4. but that’s the great thing about country shows. you never know what’s going to happen and what might take the judges’ fancy.
    who would have thought that a photo of a washing machine dial would win against some really nice photos of tables and chairs ?

  5. congratulations! once… back when i was 16, i was the “grand aggregate champion” for the 16 & under category at the manitoba stampede and exhibition in the crafts and homecrafts division.
    i like to mention this whenever possible. that isn’t often.

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