April 2003


photo by dave

esther’s story

esther had a really cool idea for a kids story today. so cool that i can’t even put it in to the blog for fear of poachers ! I’ll keep you posted …

photos by a 3.75 year old

Taken with her own low-res digicam:
photo by esther
Taken with dad’s Sony Cybershot:
photo by esther
photo by esther

kezia walks

kezia walked three steps today. she was very excited about it.
she sort of walked one step yesterday. but one step is a fall. three steps is real walking. in my opinion. in brother edd’s opinion, three steps is a ‘jaunty strole’
and we saw the gooddys at spring harvest on the electrical television set. songs of praise was from spring harvest.

easter sunday activities

easter sunday today. double feature church music-wise. arborfield this morning and barkham this evening. lots of funky bass lines. all good fun.
went to the vyne with andy, gill, adam and luke during the day. was most excellent.