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Monthly Archives: April 2004

There’s god right.
And he sent jesus his son ok.
and he died so we don’t get what we deserve when we die essentially.
and jesus has gone back up to heaven, but will come back basically.
and meanwhile we have the holy spirit who is like god being with us in the interim marvellously.
and the holy spirit is a bit like the wind (in that he blows all your sermon notes off the lecturn if you aren’t careful).
he is the fan outside the church on the way home.

we had our annual church meeting today which is always good fun. there was a nice competitive edge as there were 10 nominees for 9 places on the PCC (the church council).
i didn’t let you down, dear readers, and got voted back in. hoorah.
meanwhile the children went to the church hall and were painted (and treated?) like animals by some nice volunteering ladies.

it’s becoming traditional to have someone at church looking like they are smoking but not. last time it was kezia and today it was Big Eye Tony. He’s using a cheesy bread stick thing as a cigar to comical effect.
Interestingly he’s holding a pad of paper which has the words Big written. It may have said Big Eye. i’m not sure.

jane has the gift of hospitality as can be seen in this photo,
Richard, along with his wife julia and daughter bethany, stayed the night at our house. Richard and Julia slept on the inflatable bed which takes about an hour of manual labour to inflate. By the time i had finished i was ready for bed.
Depending on what you think the photo looks like then it’s not what you think it looks like. it’s actually jane and richard checking whether there is enough air in the bed.
you’ll be pleased to know there was.

i’ve just been researching what to do as a family activity today and this caught my eye. it’s the Reading Trail. Looking at the map, it looks like you get some good nature to observe:
sewage works, gravel pit, other works, a weir, a main road, a television trasmitter and some electricity pillons. what more could you want for in a family day out ?

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