April 2004

cakes. mmm

a white canvas ready for ordaining with cherries, jellies, smarties and little metal ball bearings which look like sweets.

the technology has returned

jane’s parents have been cleaning out their loft and have obviously reached the corner marked ’70s cutting edge mass market technology’.
here is jane’s old portable tape player. it’s massive by today’s standards:
they also brought round jane’s old soda stream with some original gas canistors. I never had one as a child and am quite frightened of the thing. there’s too much opportunity for things to explode in my opinion.
here’s the logo to keep you going for now. what a logo:
i’ll tell you more if we survive the recommisioning tests

picnic on a pew

i’ve been working from home today which is why there’s been little blog activity.
this evening we had a band practice at church. Lynda brought a picnic.
it consisted of cake, biscuits and tea/coffee/hotwater making facilties (and some snoopy mugs).
she’s that kind of person. and we are very glad.

photography ideas

there’s another challenge at the excellent sh1ft.org:

it’s a 20 question interview which you can answer in photos: