April 2004

joy riders

i went with jane and kezia to take esther to school this morning so i know what to do. on the way back we saw this abandoned scooter.
i suspect it was abandoned by some 4 year old joyrider. it’s lucky it wasn’t set on fire. or perhaps it was an insurance write-off and is waiting for the local scooter garage to come and take it away.


so as to avoid making too much noise i popped outside whilst the kettle was boiling and was amazed by all the little water droplets on the lawn. they looked fantastic and the lawn was covered in them. these pictures don’t really do them justice.
DSC02442.jpg DSC02451.jpg

morning silence

i’m working from home today which usually involves getting up early and trying to put some hours behind me before the family wakes up.
that’s my best working time and it also means i can finish my working day earlier.
sitting wirelessly in our dining room, listing to Air’s Moon Safari very quietly in the background i spot the door stop.
i know that if i pull it back and let it go it will make the most amazing boinging noise and wake the whole family up.
i know that’s a very bad idea, but now i’ve got the idea in my head it’s difficult not to do it …

green hedge, blue sky, black bird

as i walked back to my house this evening there were loads of fresh baby birds making their first excited airborne voyage. they sang nice tunes to celebrate the gift of flight

fire safety

this van sells stand-by fire protection. i was glad to see this in action. it’s a street based fire extinguisher.

the word on the street

here’s a piece of paper with some writing on it. i thought it was referring to Jags at a little chef, but i don’t think it is.
DSC02429.jpg DSC02429words.jpg

tripping hazard

here’s a comedy thing. it’s two guys at either side of the road holding a piece of string between them. the string was a few centimetre off the ground a represented a significant tripping hazard.
i wondered if it was a cunning trick to make people trip over in the middle of the road (perhaps they work for the local funeral directors, or were resting paramedics).
they would have been better off doing this kind of thing on the pavement. if they had lifted the string high enough they could have knocked people’s hats off.
If they were trying to catch cars then i don’t think a piece of string is the answer. that’s like trying to catch an oil tanker with a kids fishing net. sort of.


the milkman now has a telly, a bar stool and an exercise rowing machine on the back of his float. something for every occasion.

len’s lense

since that miracle eye-sight cure was launched a few days ago people have been abandoning glasses and lenses everywhere.

page 151

another sign pointing to the illusive platform 9

puddle dog

it’s been a day for finding odd shapes that look like other things. there was the wombat this morning and now here’s a little dog made out of wet pavement i saw when i finally made it back home.

pages 05 and 79

one advantage of having a bonus two hours in paddington was spotting two new numbered signs
DSC02417.jpg DSC02418.jpg

trapped in paddington

ho hum. there’s been a security scare at a station outside london this evening so there are no trains from paddington station at the moment going home for me. so i’m trapped with only a free wifi connection and a carton of ribena for company.
it’s great for people spotting though. i just bumped in to an ex-colleague i haven’t seen for nearly 10 years.
here is a picture of lots of people from my lofty pirch. it doesn’t really convey the chaos down there at the moment:

customer retention

we always put our customers first (except when there’s a fire)

chair park

i like to spot chairs. and cupboards. and here both are chained together.
a cupboard with castors can make an ideal urban vehicle.