January 2006

frog in a box

kezia has a fantastic frog in a box spring thing. capturing it in motion is a bit of challenge, so i was quite please with the picture above

chicken pox

poor old esther came out in chicken pox on new year’s eve-eve and she’s just entered the horrible itchy stage. to ease the itchyness jane dropped a cold spoon down esther’s dressing gown.
the success of this small action lead to an escalation to a packet of frozen peas.
poor old esther. no doubt kezia is next in line.

xmas lunch #7 – the final version

yesterday was our final xmas lunch featuring jane’s sister’s family and her parents.
christmas cracker toys this year have been very good. yesterday jane’s mum got a water pistol which she promptly loaded and fired at all present. not to be outdone jane’s dad quickly loaded his gun (using her glass of water)
an experienced water gun handler if ever there was one
and once it was all over, kevin sat alone with napster trying to find boney m

seeing new year in

in my thanks to you the blog reader, i didn’t thank jane my wife for allowing me the endless hours i’ve put in to funkypancake over the last [insert number here] of months.
jane’s patience with me isn’t limitless of course and i went too far on new year’s eve by taking photos as we rolled over in to the new year.
for a while it looked like this would be the only photo i’d have of the period around midnight
(i was the only willing subject i had left)


here are cousin thomas and his cousin kezia (not to be confused with his imaginary friend ‘kezia’) out walking in Burnham Beeches. it’s a great place, so you must go.
i like the fact it’s run by the Corporation of London which sounds very ‘industrial revolution’.

double lock

this isn’t really a padlock, but i’ve put it in the category anyway. it is a double fence lock, openable in either direction from either side. good stuff.

cyclic details

just look at the details of this bike ! incredible.

brother in law kev

here’s bother in law kev, who’s here for the new year.

xmas hassock of the week

i forgot to post this last week (christmas day) so here it is a bit late. sorry about that.