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Monthly Archives: June 2003

i cycled down to my local chemist to pick up some drugs. i haven’t been on a bike for at least 2 years so it was very exciting.
I asked for my prescription in the pharmacy and confirmed my name. whilst they nipped out back to find it, an elderly gentlement with a neck brace and no teeth said, in a very gummy way, “you have the same surname as me”. he had just asked for his prescription too.
i could see some comedy mix up was possible. luckily for me (and unluckily for you the reader) the inevitable mix up did not occure and was therefore not inevitable after all.
and this whole story is a bit boring. sorry.

the local scouts had a village fete today and got some old planes to fly by. maybe if they earnt some more money bob-a-jobbing they could afford to get some new planes to fly by.
maybe if they looked in to the sky more instead of doing good deeds they would see that there is always numerous commercial jets flying over throughout the day thanks to our proximity to Heathrow airport.
the last thing we need are more planes (or more scouts)

esther managed to cycle 4.5 miles round windsor park lake today. whilst tethered to a bundy and skipping rope, she did pedal most of the way herself.
my camera ran out of batteries so unfortunately i couldn’t take any pictures of the fantastic scenary which was looking really good today.

filage is a combination of filing and silage – it occures when you get filing overload and your paper turns in to a festering pile
spice up your filage by storing paper in random locations (other non related files, in plant pots, under you shirt etc).
When you next go searching for a fileyou will not find it, but you will find a load of other stuff. this other stuff will stimulate your mind and provide a creative input towards solving.
Expand this system to all non-perishable items and non-family members

Denis Norden, round the corner from my office. he’s often mooching about.
this morning was quite sunny so there is lots of reflection in the window giving him a ghost like appearance. and if he were a ghost he wouldn’t be buying sandwiches. unless he was just reminiscing about eating.
best of all – whilst researching Denis for the link above I came across Bill Hanson who does a Denis Nordan tribute show ! It was the real one i saw this morning.
This whole entertainment site is fantastic

“work backwards” today
interpret this how you will:
you may physically sit looking in the wrong direction in meetings
you may wish to type occasional words backwards in reports and letters
you may wish to unconclude previously concluded conclusions
now is your chance. live the dream

one boot is better than none, but not as good as two. there is a natural order. maybe i should take pictures of ‘no boots’ whenever i don’t see any anywhere. could be a rather large collection of pictures.
i shall ponder this further before committing to such an immense task

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