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Mr Denis Norden

Denis Norden, round the corner from my office. he’s often mooching about.
this morning was quite sunny so there is lots of reflection in the window giving him a ghost like appearance. and if he were a ghost he wouldn’t be buying sandwiches. unless he was just reminiscing about eating.
best of all – whilst researching Denis for the link above I came across Bill Hanson who does a Denis Nordan tribute show ! It was the real one i saw this morning.
This whole entertainment site is fantastic

9 thoughts on “Mr Denis Norden”

  1. The Late Patrick Campbell 3rd Baron Glenavy was a friend of Frank Muir and Denis Norden, I have all of his books and am trying to find any surviving relatives as I have learnt that one of his hilarious stories was about a relative of mine. How do I contact Denis Norden? any ideas anyone?

  2. i went looking for Mr Norden today but didn’t see him (it was quite unlikely i would actually find him !)
    if i do see him again i’ll ask him for some details.
    i’ve seen him twice in 3 years so it may be some wait …

  3. I was also trying to get in touch with Denis Norden, I run the Spike Milligan Tribute Site and would like to invite Denis to contribute a piece for the site.
    Anyone help??

  4. If anyone does manage to contact Denis, it would greatly improve his shows (laughter file, AROTN etc) if he could include more extracts from “Happy Christmas VT” so that the viewing public can see more of the treats usually reserved for the industry.

  5. I managed to speak to Denis Norden, he was really helpful with reference to the late P.Campbell but it was all to long ago, he gave me a few ideas to continue my search but so far no luck.!!

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