December 2005

ian and carolyn

after playing in the snow we went to visit ian and carolyn.
here is ian:
and here is carolyn:

making the most of the small amount of snow

we were promised huge amounts of snow, but we got none. luckily we were visiting friends yesterday who live a few miles east of us and they had had a small frosting of snow.
not quite enough to do anything useful with, like build an igloo (esther’s usual request when snow is mentioned), but the girls did their best to extract as much fun as possible.

big eye tony
here’s big eye tony, taken with my new 50mm f/1.8 lens which i am loving (ideal for the dark british winter).


xmas surrealism

picture of a person in a hat with an apple. that’s surrealism.


plane tree

there’s definately a pun here somewhere, but i can’t find it. can you help ?