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Monthly Archives: December 2005

last night, after doing my business schmoozing, i went to recyclart and saw this band (and another chap who was a bit like a goth/industrial/new romantic moby)
i bet you wonder what they sound like ? watch here(30 seconds of fun)

this year’s extravaganza in the grande place is trees in bubbles
by night they play psychedelic era beatles tunes and project giraffes chasing pink elephants across their town hall
and the english flag and a load of beefeaters

i calculated i had enough time to go on the early morning tour of the brussels sewers before my conference started yesterday.
because i was the only one on the tour (it seems it’s not very popular) i got a personal tour. this is a demonstration tunnel for visitors
but this is a real tunnel with actual poos floating by
my personal tour was in french which stretched my language skills. luckily i’d learnt some of the vocab here

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