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February 2010

mac’s gold


i went to the fantastic laneways festival yesterday.  it’s the first time the festival has visited Auckland and there were a number of teething troubles.  but the bands made it


the venue was a pay and display carpark in the centre of town.  at least it didn’t get muddy in the rain


the dirty three, the phoenix foundation and surf city were my favourites


but the absolute bestest were echo and the bunnymen (despite the sounds being messed up so the keyboard was waaaay too loud). 


the title of this post refers to some lovely kiwi beer called Mac’s Gold which jane bought me today and is a nice echo and the bunnymen reference too.

slippery swirl


kiwis seem to do signs much better than the brits.  their signs have more attention to detail. like the thumb on this chaps flipper.  although i fear for the swirling abyss

bollard with glove


it’s a pile of funkypancake faves just outside my office

yes we are open closed


i find signed which start with ‘yes’ rather sarcastic.  my proof is here.  yes we are open.  closed.

kezia’s green photo


kezia took this photo whilst on a day out with jane last week to the local bot garden.  she spotted the green lady near the green sculpture and grabbed the shot.    bit out of focus, but great seeing.