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Monthly Archives: February 2010


they put up a load of giant lanterns near my office last week for chinese new year.  by the end of the day most had blown off and there were giant red balls blowing round the street.  this one landed like a giant pumpkin near the petrol station.  you can see my office in the background


kiwis call sandals jandals.  or perhaps other people call sandals jandals. either way, they are the national footwear (when you’re not wandering around bare footed).  and you can often see them abandoned in the street or grass verges.


update:  Comment from brad:

“What really gets confusing is when the Australians call them thongs. I
remember the looks my Aussie friend got when she visited NYC and
declared that the weather was so warm in Sydney that she was “just
walking around in thongs.”


have you and your family ever spent a day at money world, the currency-based theme park ?

i’m sure there’s a whole heap of money puns i could put here, but i’m too tired which is no excuse.  and comments are broken still, so that’s rubbish.  sorry.  drop me an email if you can think of any.

i thank you in advance for your sterling efforts. 


this bird single handedly (wingedly) cleared a whole flock of birds out the way at a beach we visited recently.  it ruffled its feathers up, pushed its head back and stomped at each one in turn, driving them away like an over zealous school care takers.  it was the stuff of comedy gold.

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