August 2007

spider gets tangoed

ok – so this doesn’t quite fit the right category, but it is a can of tango caught in a spider’s web. i imagine that was a bit of shock for the poor spoider.

shrek’s bikini body

kezia (aged 5) spotted this in the local shop near our holiday house in scotland last week.
it took me a while to work out what she was on about, but then she showed me the cereal boxes and i understood !
i can’t wait until our children are old enough to have their own cameras. i’ll have to rename the blog as funkypancake and sons (daughters) or something




blue shopping basket on a metal trolley and a trolley lifting feat
DSC08166.jpg DSC08577.jpg

please buy my product

i crossed over the road rather than walk past these two and be given a leaflet. i’m probably not in their target demograph or something.