alien bikers invade the castle (then go home)

we went to castle urquhart when we were in scotland, and i noticed these two bikers who were wandering round dressed identically with their biker helmets and visors down.
it was like they were some aliens invading.
i imagine if they were aliens they’d not be too impressed by our housing, and urquhart castle is quite fally-downy.
wasn’t there a doctor who episode like this ?
i think they were essentially peaceful. perhaps just stopping by for a bit of sightseeing whilst travelling between two distant planets (similar to the Italian tourists who were also there in abundance heading north through scotland)
eventually they left in peace
but i don’t think they were the only aliens as this person was wandering round with a huge hood making her look like she was from Star Wars. she followed the bikers out of the castle …


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  1. My son the Dr Who fan extraordinaire tells me they were in the “Smith & Jones” episode, the first one in which Martha was the Doc’s assistant. Apparently the aliens were drones called “slabs” and were made of solid leather.

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